Intelligent robots

More than a hard worker!

A standard CNC control system combined with suitable sensors and the CNC-integrated functions developed by ibs Automation are the basis for intelligent robot solutions, enabling highly flexible work cells and innovative manufacturing processes.

The compensation of material, positioning and process tolerances results in high path accuracies, which provides the robot with access to entirely new application areas. The robot becomes a true alternative for costly special machines and portal solutions.

At a glance

  • high path accuracy
  • reduced teaching requirement
  • simple operation
  • standardized control system
  • single point of contact

High path accuracy

Path accuracies of  ±70µm are achieved as a result of the CNC-integrated 3D seam tracking function developed by ibs Automation. The synchronous evaluation of axis positions and reference points such as the welding seam, enable the highly accurate positioning of the TCP relative to the component to be processed.

Reduced teaching requirement

The CNC-integrated 3D seam tracking function reduces the teaching requirements to the bare minimum.

The path is either programmed offline or online with the teach-in process. Any deviation between the expected path and the actual path due to material-, positioning or process tolerances is compensated by the seam tracking function. No further teaching is required as it is generally the case when using a standard robot.

Simple operation

CNC control systems have become the standard for machine tools and special machines within many industries. It can now also be used for industrial robots. It is no longer necessary to learn a new control logic or programming system. With this your CNC machine operators are able to control and program CNC robots within a very short time.

One point of contact

ibs Automation develops and delivers complete manufacturing cells to your requirements. Once installed and commissioned, we take care of the training of your operators and support you with the maintenance throughout the life cycle.