ibs Automation develops control functions and control systems based on CNC-technology. Next to the optimal hardware configuration, ibs Automation delivers the software required to best fullfill the specific process requirements. When applicable ibs Automation complements the control system with customized CNC integrated functions, so called compile cycles.

Customer specific CNC functions can be developed for standard control systems. As a result, control solutions are developed allowing for highly efficient manufacturing processes. And even more: in many cases our solutions are the basis for innovative processes and machine concepts.

Siemens - Sinumerik 840D sl

The Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl together with the Sinamics S120 drive package has become a widely accepted control solution. The modular concept allows for a flexible and scalable control solution for a wide range of applications. The openness of the CNC, PLC and HMI enables complex solutions and manufacturing processes based on standardized and modular hardware.

ibs Automation also has in depth experience with the IBH Automation CNC control system - Macro 8005 NT and the Power Automation GmbH control system PA8000. Compile cycle functions can also be developed for these systems.

Siemens Sinumerik 840D
IBH Macro 8005NT